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Workplace Mental Health Audit

It’s your journey!

Workplace Mental Health Limited wants to keep the process as simple as possible, however, every workplace is different and putting standard packages together may not provide the best solution for your business.

To provide a ‘cost-effective’ solution, we prefer to conduct a workplace mental health audit which makes the process confidential and tailored to your actual requirements based on analysis and research. We will do the work for you and make sure that you are consulted at every stage.

An audit is conducted in 3 parts:

Part 1 – Survey and policy / process review

Workplace Mental Health Limited will produce a survey which we will ask your employees to complete within a given time (the number of people surveyed depends on the size and structure of your organisation). All completed surveys will be directed back to us to ensure the anonymity of individuals.

The survey has been developed to tease out individual feelings, particularly around instances that we know are risk factors in causing stress to an individual or collectively in the workplace.

The survey will consider:

  • The working environment
  • Relationships
  • Employee roles and responsibilities
  • Workplace demands
  • Flexibility & control
  • Support & resources
  • Change & communication
  • Behaviours
  • Conflict management
  • External stresses
  • Inter-generational differences and values
  • Work-life balance

It’s quite normal for employers to feel uncomfortable about employees airing their views as there are always negative implications that can arise – That is perfectly normal!

It’s our job to ask the right questions to understand perceptions versus actual and policy versus personal preferences. Sometimes stresses arise from inherited views including cultural and generational values that can cause underlying conflict separately from the normal demands of work.

Childcare issues, finances, family relationships and many other social and psychological factors all have a part to play in our work-life balance. It’s how we recognise and support individuals that is important.

We will also request for other relevant information that you may have including:

  • Absentee reports
  • Policy’s and procedural documents

Part 2 – Interviews

The survey will enable us to identify risk factors and trends within the business.

Where it is felt appropriate we will select a proportion of people to interview in depth to further develop our understanding.

Interviews are confidential and should be conducted in a relaxed setting on or off site.

Interviews allow us to gain further information and develop a better picture of the work environment, especially where survey data shows trends or produces results that require further investigation.

Part 3 – Results and recommendations presentation

Once we have conducted our research, we will be able to provide you with a report that outlines our recommendations for your company. What we will be able tell you is where you are now, where you could be and how to get there.

You can’t provide an effective solution if you don’t know where the problem lies….

The report will be fed back to your allocated employee(s) or senior staff and will be available for you to share with your company to decide on what action you wish to take.

Interventions may include:

  • Policy development
  • Line management training
  • Review of procedures
  • Focus groups
  • Relationship building
  • Workshops
  • Individual support (counselling or advocacy)