One of the first questions potential customers of our service want to know when they contact us is “how much do your services cost?” The subject of price is important. Although it is a difficult question to answer precisely because every business is different, I will do my best to explain some general pricing guidelines.
Workplace Mental Health has developed a pricing scheme that fits most budgets. We offer both a bespoke service and ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions for different sizes and structures of business. The combinations of requirements for each business that we work with is different. It seems obvious that a business that has 20 employees based in one location will have different needs to an organisation that has 250 employees based across in three locations. Equally, a production business that runs 24 hours every day and has three shifts where most people are not office based requires an entirely different approach again. Each structure of business will have its own unique ways of working that we need to fit in with. For example, an accountancy partnership that has 25 fee earners is unlikely to want to give them all the same time off. It is for these reasons that a simple ‘this is the price answer’ is hard to give.

The purchase price of Workplace Mental Health services are much like the purchase of any other professional services. If a customer wants an entry-level off-the-shelf audit package prices start at £250 for a small (up to 20 employees) organisation based in one location. A bespoke tailored audit package for the same size of business starts at £400. If that same customer wanted a range of additional services, for example our mental health ambassador service, our policy and procedure writing service, mental health first aid training or our mental health awareness training services, the price would be significantly different. It is a bit like buying extras on a car. If you want air conditioning, leather seats, extended warranty and tinted windows, the price is not the same as the basic model of car. It is entirely dependent upon what a business requires, what is important to that business and what they want and need from the Workplace Mental Health offer. It is even hard to give an average spend as it varies a lot. With so many options available, price ranges can vary drastically. However, we are happy to talk to you about costs without any commitment.

Most people understand the importance of getting what they want the first time so as to not have any regrets down the road. Unfortunately, some businesses only focus on the initial price with the goal of finding the cheapest provider, therefore sacrificing quality, breadth of experience and professionalism that inevitably leads to regret. The mental health of the staff in your business is critical especially considering that unlike a new car you cannot trade in our professional service if you are dissatisfied and disenchanted.

This is a list of some of the services Workplace Mental Health offers:
• Mental Health Policy writing
• Mental Health First Aid Training
• Mental Health Risk Assessment
• Mental Health Audit
• Mental Health Ambassadors programme
• Bespoke training such as self-harm, psychosis, suicide awareness.
• Mental Health in the workplace for managers and supervisors
• Executive burnout programme
• Mental Health awareness training
• 1 to 1 services such as CBT and counselling
• Mental wellness activities such as Mindfulness

As you can see, there are many options available. When a potential customer receives a quote from Workplace Mental Health, we thoroughly examine each option to ensure that the business concerned knows clearly what to expect and what the option’s benefits bring to them. We want to identify its overall importance to the success of the project.

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